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The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) aims to play a nationally and internationally recognised leading role in improving the quality of health care.

Being better Getting better

Leiden University Medical Center aims for the top in performing its core activities. LUMC thus strives to offer the highest quality in medical technology and care and in attention for its patients. Key words are: open and honest information and communications.

LUMC wishes to maintain its international top position in research, which is characterized by theme groups. This implies that the numerous national and international ‘last resort’ tasks and top clinical functions of LUMC are firmly rooted in research.

In addition to its supraregional and national function, LUMC offers both quality and quantity in the full range of clinical medicine. This is crucial for LUMC to be able to properly perform its public tasks with respect to innovating health care and testing of new and existing medical technologies. This, of course, also applies to student education and the training of medical specialists.

Clearly, LUMC cannot perform all these tasks on its own; close cooperation with properly qualified general hospitals in our area of education and instruction is essential. Thus LUMC continues to work towards creating structured regional networks in these fields, based on the ‘appropriate use’ of care facilities.

LUMC will train patient-oriented physicians and researchers with a critical scientific attitude and with professional curiosity, who take pleasure in learning. Priority is given to the internationalisation of education.

The LUMC Boerhaave Committee, the largest postgraduate educational organisation in the field of medicine in The Netherlands, plays a central role in ‘life long learning’. LUMC intends to further strengthen this position and to gain a similar status for refresher courses in higher and intermediate vocational training.

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