NAF Chapter Tours

In 2006, the NAF conducted its first chapter tour with the popular Dutch journalist, Geert Mak, traveling and speaking across the U.S.  In following years, the Foundation organized several other tours on topics such as Dutch-American relations, art and culture, history, politics, Indo-Dutch cuisine and historical fiction. The tours have showcased Dutch and American talent in the NAF chapter cities while maximizing resources through shared costs and planning.

Following is a list of the NAF chapter tours since 2006. If you would like to recommend an author or topic for NAF chapter tour, please email us at

Hank Meijer                                   
Arthur Vandenburg: The Man in the Middle of the American Century
Spring 2018

Boris Dittrich
Fall 2017

Arnon Grunberg                           
Arnon Grunberg’s Life and Work
Winter 2017

Jeff Keasberry
Indo Dutch Cooking Secrets
Fall 2016

Ilya Leonard Pfeiffer
La Superba
Winter 2016

Nina Siegal                                     
The Anatomy Lesson
Spring 2014

Russell Shorto                               
Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City
Fall 2013

Peter Ester 
Family, Faith and Fortune
Summer 2013

Ernst van de Wetering               
Lecture Tour: The Rembrandt Research Project
Fall 2010

Hans Krabbendam and Giles Scott-Smith, ed.                
Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations: 1609-2009
Fall 2009

Geert Mak
Dutch Disease or European Dilemma?                                                               
Fall 2006

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