Study Loans FAQ

What is the difference between an educational loan and a grant?
Grants are not required to be paid back, but NAF interest-free educational loans must be paid back within three years of the date the loan is originally given.

Does the NAF’s loan program support undergraduate study?
The NAF does not award loans for individual undergraduate study.

Do you have a geographical focus?
Only U.S. citizens may apply for a NAF study loan to study in the Netherlands, and only Dutch citizens may apply for study in the United States.

How do I apply for a study loan?
Please visit NAF STUDY LOAN PROGRAM for guidelines and application.

How much tuition assistance is available?
The maximum loan amount for a year of academic study or research is $20,000 (Maarten van Hengel Education Loan Program), $15,000 (Mark Pigott Education Fund Loan–available only for NAF-Fulbright Fellows) or $10,000 (NAF Education Loan Program) and for a summer program $2,000. The maximum loan amount for a year of advanced training is $3,000.

Is there a timeframe for using the assistance?
If you are approved for a loan, it must be used fully during the academic year requested.

What are the loan program criteria that I must follow to be considered?
Academic Program: Priority will be given to students pursuing study or research in an advanced academic degree program (e.g. Masters or Doctoral degree) at an accredited institution of higher learning.

Trainees Program: If funds are available, the NAF will consider requests from individuals who are enrolled in a course, or courses, with the intent of developing a skill or specific technical expertise. The course of study must culminate with the award of a diploma or certificate.

In either case, the student must provide evidence of having been accepted by an academic or training program before the loan is awarded. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Education Committee award a second loan to an individual be considered in a subsequent year.

Do you provide education funding for summer pre-doctoral research or language programs?
Students attending summer programs as part of their graduate education may also apply.

To view the 2013-14 list of study loan recipients, please click here.

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