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Through its Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program, the Netherland-America Foundation provides funding for minority and economically disadvantaged Dutch students to pursue internships in the United States. The program is made possible through generous grants by the Kura Hulanda Foundation, founded by Jacob Gelt Dekker and John Padget.


The Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program is one of the NAF’s flagship programs, designed to provide minority and economically disadvantaged Dutch students with the opportunity to pursue professional internships in the United States. Dutch students complete professional internships spanning a whole host of industries – from business to medical to humanities – across the United States. In addition to providing a financial stipend for selected applicants, the NAF assists with obtaining an appropriate visa and, where possible, helps secure University credits for student applicants – thus providing Dutch citizens with the opportunity to pursue their professional aspirations in the United States.

The NAF works together with the Netherlands-based Giving Back Foundation to recruit appropriate candidates. However, membership in the Giving Back Foundation is not a requirement.

 “After interning for three months, I can honestly say that I learned a lot about who I want to be and what I want to be like as a leader. I feel like I learned how to operate quickly between teams, how to identify new business opportunities and how to go about creating a strategy and execute it.”  – Ranya Jairi , 2018 Recipient 


Doing an internship in the U.S. is expensive. Costs typically include international travel expenses, visa fees, health insurance, housing and food. The purpose of the program is to enable students who want to participate in an internship in the United States to realize their plan by removing some of these financial obstacles. Scholarships are provided on a need-basis, with the NAF assessing the level of support each individual applicant needs. When setting the amount of the award, a candidate’s other sources of income are taken into consideration (i.e., an internship allowance from the employer), as well as in-kind support (i.e., free transportation to and from the workplace or free housing). Visas are facilitated by the NAF as part of its J-1 visa program.

“I think it does not come as a surprise to anyone when I say that I had a great time at the Gaab Lab and have learnt so much about all aspects of research, from actual data collection and analysis to lab politics and fierce competition. It was the ultimate preparation for a PhD and I am confident that after learning and achieving so much in such a short period of time, I am ready to take on this next step after graduating my Master’s.  Marjolein Mues, 2018 Recipient 


To qualify for an award the following minimum requirements apply:

  • You are registered as a full-time student at a Dutch higher education institution (HBO or WO)
  •  Your internship is approved by your university, with or without the allocation of credits
  • Your knowledge of English is sufficient
  • Without the grant from the Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program, you do not have sufficient financial resources to fund your internship
  • You are 18 years or older on the date you submit your application
  •  You are at least a second year student at the time of departure
  •  You have an internship opportunity in the USA or are in the process of finding such an opportunity
  • Your internship complies with the requirements of the US government for a J-1 visa
  • Your study results are sufficient to complete the internship

Assessment criteria

Due to the limited number of grants available, awards there is a competitive selection procedure. This procedure primarily consists of an assessment of your application and a selection interview. To be invited for a selection interview, you must meet the eligibility requirements listed above. The selection committee determines who will receive an award based on the interview and the content of your application. The committee will look at the following factors:

  • Ability to secure an internship by demonstrating a pro-active approach
  • Motivation to successfully complete an internship period far away from home
  • Motivation to intern in the United States (instead of elsewhere)
  • A clear connection between your field of study, the content of your internship and your future plans
  • Your communication skills, ambassador qualities and leadership potential
  • Your study achievements and extra-curricular activities
  • Willingness to share your experiences with future awardees via social media and other means

Level of the Award

Once you have found an internship position, the level of the grant will be determined. The amount is based on the average cost of living in the area of your internship, as well as any financial support you may receive from the host company. The grant will offer a contribution towards the following expenses:

  • Cost of visa via the NAF (full cost is covered–a value of $1,000-$1,600, depending on the length of the internship)
  • Visa filing fees (full cost is covered)
  • Cost of health insurance required by the U.S. Government (full cost is covered for the length of the internship)
  • Travel costs (generally up to $1,000)
  • Cost of living (rent, food, etc.) (generally up to $1,250 per month)

The maximum aggregate grant for the travel costs and cost of living will be $7,400.

The award will be paid in monthly installments during your stay in the U.S. It is possible to request an advance to cover a portion of the costs of an airline ticket and consular fees. The advance cannot be more than 15% of the grant. The grant will cover a maximum period of six months.

Visa applications will be handled by the NAF unless the host company has a visa sponsor status. The program does not cover the cost of any intermediaries that may arrange for internships.


There are two application deadlines:

  • April 1 for internships that start between August 1 and January 31
  • October 1 for internships that start between February 1 and July 31

Submit an application 

To submit an application, please click below to download the form. Once filled out and signed, please send it together with requested documents mentioned in the form, to Nina Glorie at with the subject line: Dutch2USA program application.  

“The Dutch2USA Internship Program is an exciting addition to our portfolio of education programs, including the prestigious NAF-Fulbright Fellowship Program, the Study Loan Program and the Washington DC Internship Program. The Dutch2USA Internship Program, as well as our existing programs, creates life-changing opportunities for promising students and contribute greatly to our mission to support exchange between the Netherlands and the United States. We are very grateful for the generous gift from the Kura Hulanda Foundation and the leadership shown by Jacob Dekker and John Padget,” – Jan Joosten, Chairman of the NAF. 

Jacob G. Dekker, John R. Padget and the Kura Hulanda Foundation

The Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program is made possible through generous grants by the Kura Hulanda Foundation, founded by Jacob Gelt Dekker and John Padget—the creators of the private equity investment firm Padget Associates B.V. and investors in Budget Rent-a-Car, One Hour Photo Shops, and Kwik-Fit auto service centers. In 1999, Messrs. Dekker and Padget were instrumental in launching the Giving Back Foundation in the Netherlands, through which they give back to the Dutch community and help others advance their professional aspirations.

“The intent of the Dutch2USA Internship Program is to further the career prospects of minority and economically disadvantaged students, who might otherwise be denied the opportunity to pursue their professional ambitions. When in the United States, these Dutch students will serve as ambassadors of the Netherlands, fostering deeper understanding between our two countries. They will bring back valuable stories about their U.S. experience when they return home,” -John Padget.


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