Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program


The NAF is pleased to announce the creation of a new initiative, the Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program. The initiative is funded by an initial grant of $100,000 from the Kura Hulanda Foundation.

The Kura Hulanda Foundation and the Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA internship program are initiatives of Jacob G. Dekker and John R. Padget. Prior to their retirement from active business activities, they created Padget Associates B.V., a private equity investment firm in Amsterdam. They are best remembered for their involvement in Budget Rent-a-Car, One Hour Photo Shops, and Kwik-Fit auto service centers.

Mr. Dekker and Mr. Padget also assisted in launching the Giving Back Foundation in the Netherlands, and are enthusiastic about providing Giving Back students additional opportunities to advance their careers.

“The intent of the Dutch2USA Internship Program is to further the career prospects of minority and economically disadvantaged students, who might otherwise not be challenged to excel due to the lack of sufficient funding. These Dutch students—when in the U.S.—will serve as ambassadors of the Netherlands, fostering better understanding between our two countries. They will bring back valuable stories about their U.S. experience when they return home,” stated Mr. Padget.

The NAF will work together with the Giving Back Foundation, which will recruit participants from the ranks of their membership, and the Fulbright Center, Amsterdam, which will provide information on how to obtain an internship in the U.S., assist with visa paperwork and vet the applicants’ academic and other credentials. Internships must be part of the formal curriculum of a Dutch University (WO) or University of Applied Sciences (HBO) institution, and placements approved by the Dutch institution for the student to receive academic credit.

The visas needed by the students will be provided by the NAF as part of its new J-1 visa program.

“The Dutch2USA Internship Program is an exciting addition to our portfolio of education programs, including the prestigious NAF-Fulbright Program, the  Study Loan Program and the Washington DC Internship Program. The Dutch2USA Internship Program, as well as our existing programs, create life-changing opportunities for promising students and contribute greatly to our mission to support exchange between the Netherlands and the United States. We are very grateful for the generous gift from the Kura Hulanda Foundation and the leadership shown by Jacob Dekker and John Padget,” stated Mr. Jan Joosten, Chairman of the NAF.


An internship involves many costs, including international travel expenses, visa fees, health insurance, housing and food. The purpose of the scholarship program is to enable students who want to participate in an internship in the United States to implement their plan by removing financial obstacles. The scholarships are need-based, which means assessing the level of support the applicant actually needs. When setting the scholarship award, any potential sources of income will be deducted, for example, an internship allowance from the employer, or support in-kind, for example, free transport to and from the workplace, free or cheap housing, etc.


To qualify for a scholarship, some minimum requirements apply:

  • You are a member of the Giving Back Students Community
  • You have an internship opportunity in the USA
  • Your internship complies with the terms of the US government
  • You are registered as a full-time student at a Dutch higher education institution (HBO or WO)
  • Your internship is approved by your University, with or without the allocation of credits
  • Your study results are sufficient to complete the internship
  • Your knowledge of English is sufficient
  • Without the grant from the Dekker-Padget Dutch2USA Internship Program, you do not have sufficient financial resources to fund your internship
  • You are 18 years or older on the date you submit your application
  • You are at least a second year student at the time of departure (scholarships are not awarded to first-year students)

Assessment criteria

The number of grants to be awarded is limited, therefore a selection is required. This consists of an assessment of your application and possibly a selection interview. To be invited for a selection interview, you must meet the conditions listed above. Through the selection interview and the content of your application, the selection committee determines whether you will be awarded a scholarship. This commission will base its assessment on the following factors:

  • Motivation to successfully complete an internship period far away from home
  • Motivation to intern in the United States (instead of elsewhere)
  • Coherence between your field of study, the content of your internship and your future plans
  • Your communication skills, ambassador qualities and leadership potential
  • Your study achievements and extra-curricular activities

Level of the Award

The level of the grant is determined on the basis of your budget of income/expense and is determined once you have found an internship position that meets the conditions and it is clear what your income and expenses will be. If you will not receive any income from your employer in the U.S. (internship costs coverage, free transportation, housing, etc.), then then a grant will offer a contribution toward the following costs:

  • Cost of visa via the Fulbright Center (full cost is covered)
  • Cost of health insurance (full cost is covered)
  • International travel costs from door to door
  • Cost of living
  • Any other additional costs

Your budget must be based on what is reasonable and usual for a student in similar circumstances. The maximum grant will be $9,000. A rule of thumb is that no more than $1,500 per month will be awarded. The gift may be higher in exceptional circumstances.

The scholarship will be paid in parts. It is possible to request an advance to cover (part of) the costs of an airline ticket and costs at the consulate. The advance will never be more than 20% of the grant. After arrival in the U.S., you will receive a monthly allowance to cover your costs of living and other costs. The grants will be awarded for a maximum period of six months.

Please note that if your employer does not have visa sponsor status, you must apply for the proper visa documents via the Fulbright Center. The costs of an intermediary to arrange your placement will not be covered.


You can apply twice a year – the deadline is at least 4 months before the date of stay:

  • For internships that start between September 1st and December 31st, the deadline is May 1st.
  • For internships that start between January 1st and May 1st, the deadline is September 1st.

The selection talks will take place in mid-May for departures in the first semester of the academic year and the week of mid-September for departures in the second semester of that academic year.

Submit an application

Please visit the Fulbright Center to make your application.

For more information about the Dutch2USA Internship Program, please contact the NAF at 212-825-1221 or

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