Dr. Steef van Adelsberg



Dutch American Heritage Award 2002 Recipient

Steef van Adelsberg graduated from the University of Southern California School of Medicine. After internships at Wesley Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, he started there after receiving his Board Certification in Pediatrics as a clinical assistant.

During the following years he rotated as Chief of New Born service at St. Anne’s Hospital, the Salvation Army Hospital, the Florence Crittendon Home and the Californian Lutheran, the Hollywood Presbyterian and Queen of Angels Hospitals.

Steef was a neonatologist before it became an accredited sub-specialty. He was on the staff of Cedars of Lebanon and the Good Samaritan Hospitals and volunteered regularly at medical clinics at Children’s Hospital. Van Adelsberg also worked on research programs in rheumatology and for some years in mental retardation, a depressing clinic nobody else wanted to do.

Dr. van Adelsberg became Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at USC Medical School, was Chief of Pediatrics at California Hospital and also at Queen of Angels-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. For one year he served on the Executive Board at Children’s Hospital. He was active in the Metropolitan Section of the Los Angeles Medical Association (LACMA) and was a LACMA delegate to the California Medical Association. Steef van Adelsberg served also on the Supervisory Board for MediCal at LACMA. Children’s Hospital has given him their Distinguished Service Award.

During his long career, Dr. van Adelsberg has given most of his time to the children and babies in an area that underwent intensive ethnic and demographic changes. His pediatrics practice in Los Angeles, from 1952 to 1999 has always been a haven for Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian babies as well as children of Armenians, Philippinos, Hawaiians, American Indians and Latinos from Mexico, Honduras and San Salvador.

Dr. van Adelsberg and his wife of 53 years have a daughter, Janet who is a nephrologist working as supervisor of clinical trials for the Merck Company in New York.

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