Cees Jan Koomen

Founder Point-One Innovation Fund


After obtaining his MSc degree at the Technical University of Delft, and later his award winning PhD, Cees Jan Koomen joined Philips Research in Eindhoven working with colleagues who also became lifelong friends. His involvement in systems engineering and software development and his interests in telecommunications made him join Philips Telecommunications working on GSM, the then new mobile communications standard. The requirement to put more functionality into systems led him to be active in the field of semiconductors and he became manager of Microtel, a semiconductor design group supporting various Philips businesses. He put this group on a sound financial basis and growth path. He was appointed Managing Director of Philips Semiconductors responsible for all RF (Radio Frequency Communication for mobile phones) products.

In 1996, Cees Jan and his indispensible supporter and loving wife Tineke moved to Silicon Valley where he led Philips Semiconductors North America and later also the Philips Digital Video Group. His initiatives created new products and a better visibility for the Philips brand. During his career, Cees Jan and his wife moved several times; from Eindhoven to Saratoga to Monte Sereno (California) to Severna Park (Maryland) to Monte Sereno and to Los Gatos, their current residence.

They experienced what it means to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley with involvement in various Silicon Valley companies as co-founder, mentor, manager, interim CEO, board member and investor. A great experience. In 2000 he joined the Band of Angels, a group of private investors who collectively cover many fields of technology. As a former Board member of the Association for Corporate Growth he enjoyed the experience of fellow members, both entrepreneurs and service providers (lawyers, VC´s etc.).

This experience triggered his interest to use his experience in Silicon Valley in different ways which would lead to founding Point-One Innovation Fund (“POIF”), a venture capital fund to support high-tech startup companies in The Netherlands of which he was managing director. As a “Technopartner fund” it is also supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Other companies joined as investors: ASML (the semiconductor lithography giant, a spin-off from Philips) and VDL (electronic systems), both in Eindhoven. Also Venture Capital firm Parcom in Amsterdam and several private investors joined as well. Two very experienced colleagues and friends of his from Philips joined the fund; so did an experienced fund manager from a major bank. To date the fund is doing well with investments in eight high tech companies in The Netherlands.

His experiences at Silicon Valley, the Band of Angels and other related activities led to creating bridges between The Netherlands and Silicon Valley and led to many introductions of Dutch startup companies to activities in the Valley. He led the acquisition of an NXP (former Philips Semiconductors) business unit by Virage Logic. With the experience he gained in various fields from entrepreneurship, startups, to investing, his current focus is on building bridges between Silicon Valley and The Netherlands. A particular blessing are their many Dutch and US friends.

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