SoCal NAF-BIZ Networking Event 2015

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On May-29-2015 another NAF-BIZ networking event was held at Van Tilburg, Banvard & Sodenberg Architects in Santa Monica.


Peter Laanen (left) provided valuable information about expanding your business, forming alliances and realizing new opportunities in international Trade. Mark Zegeling (right) gave an exclusive peek into the lives of the colorful inhabitants of the KLM houses, who made their mark on Dutch history. His passionate presentation was followed by the signing of his book “Little Kingdom by the Sea”.

The event was proceeded by a cocktail networking event for all guests with old fashioned Dutch “gezelligheid”.

Peter Laanen, at age 68, is busier than ever before. Whether he is lecturing in the Netherlands or consulting the Government on the State of Tabasco in Mexico, his demeanor is always one of optimism and joy. With a resume spanning IT (where he started his career), Sport, Entertainment, Education and Government, one can hardly speak of a regular and balanced life in business. He managed to lead his start-up Multi Function Computers to an IPO on the stock exchange of Amsterdam in 1986. He reorganized the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation, won the European baseball title and fifth place in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. His time with Holland’s topband Lois Lane brought him Gold and Platinum. He served as Managing Director of Arcade Germany. He was the Founding CEO of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville (home of Pixar), California in 1998. Peter has been honored by the Senate of the State of California in 2014 with a resolution regarding his success as International Trade Director at the Netherlands Business Support Office. Whatever it is that drives him and makes it work, he’d like to share it with you. For an extended Bio, please click here.

Author, publisher, tv producer and reporter Mark Zegeling (48) cultivated his passion for arts and entertainment in a variety of media, and served the industry in a career spanning over 25 years. Since 1987, he has been working from print to broadcast to digital media. In 2013 Mark published his book ‘Sterke Verhalen, alle geheimen achter de gevels van de KLM-huisjes, 500 jaar geschiedenis en architectuur’. It became an overnight success with 17,500 copies sold so far. The updated English edition is called ‘Little Kingdom by the Sea’, and has just recently been launched. A Japanese and Chinese version will follow next year. In the Netherlands, the book was turned into a major exhibition about Dutch entrepreneurial history and a tv series will follow soon, while architects in Delft, under advisorship of Mark Zegeling, are developing a neighborhood of 40 Delft blue houses on a real scale. For more information on his book “Little Kingdom by the Sea” please click here.

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