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Welcome to the New York Chapter of the Netherland-America Foundation


NAF-Biz New York

NAF-Biz New York is a platform for the exchange of international business management information, experiences and ideas among the Dutch professional community in the New York City area and U.S. professionals who do business with the Netherlands.

NAF-Biz New York operates under the auspices of the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF). The board of NAF-Biz New York consists of Servaas Begheyn (Rabobank International), Florence van den Bergh (YER-USA), Zwanette Bruggink (Consulate General of the Netherlands), Mesut Celebi (StartupBootcamp New York), Floris Holties (Zactly LLC), Jan Joosten (Baker & McKenzie), and Jacob Willemsen (TABS Inc.).

NAF-Biz New York organizes networking events, with high level speakers who will discuss a topic or business case, intended to spark discussion and transfer valuable experience among NAF-Biz New York participants.

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