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Welcome to the Netherlands Chapter
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The Netherlands chapter of the Netherland-America Foundation provides a platform to bring together people based in the Netherlands who are interested in Dutch-American relations in the fields of arts, sciences, education, business and public affairs to further strengthen the ties between the Netherlands and the United States of America.

NAF Netherlands is a new chapter established in 2015 in response to the growing Netherlands-based community of alumni of NAF educational programs, those who have been involved with cultural and business programs of the NAF, and those who have worked and lived in the United States.

The NAF Netherlands is overseen by a Committee that meets regularly to discuss and manage the affairs of the Chapter:

NAF Netherlands Committee
Merijn Boender, Chair
Jan Louis Burggraaf, member
Jan Willem van Drimmelen, Secretary
Marc van Gelder, member
Pauline Verheijen-Dop, member
Ruurd Weulen Kranenberg, member

The Chapter organizes a host of events in the Netherlands throughout the year and is connected with the seven U.S. Based NAF Chapters and NAF Biz in 2015—2016.

The Amsterdam NAF Alumni Committee organizes a welcoming event in the fall for the new US NAF-Fulbright fellows to meet former NAF-Fulbright Fellows and NAF Study Loan Recipients.

In March each year NAF Connection honors the fellows at a dinner in Amsterdam, held simultaneously with the NAF Connection event held in New York and serves as a networking opportunity.

The NAF Mentor program provides each NAF-Fulbright Fellow arriving in the Netherlands with a mentor to help settle and make the most of their time in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam NAF Alumni Committee also fosters a range of cultural events during the year to celebrate cultural ties between the U.S. and the Netherlands.

NAF Alumni Committee Nederland
Merijn Boender, Co-Chair
Khadya El Ayoubi
Margje Lafourcade-Haverkamp, Co-Chair
Sjaña Holloway
Tory Lynford
Roos Stallinga

NAF Biz Netherlands is a platform for the exchange of international business management information, experiences, opportunities, and ideas among the Dutch professional community in the Netherlands and the U.S. The platform was officially launched in 2015, modeled after the success of NAF Biz in New York, Chicago and Boston.

The NAF Biz Nederland Committee organizes a range of events aimed at smaller and larger businesses that are active or plan to be active in the United States.

NAF Biz Netherlands Committee
Merijn Boender
Henjo Guitjens
Nita Korsten

Become a member of the NAF in the Netherlands

NAF membership offers access to all NAF activities in the Netherlands as well as the United States and is open to people residing in the Netherlands. As the NAF is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI), contributions to the NAF made by a Dutch tax resident may be eligible for a full deduction against the individual’s Dutch personal income tax, at a maximum Box 1 rate of 52%. For more information, please see click here or contact Nina Glorie at

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


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